Responsive Web Design



There are many approaches to web design. We’ll find the one that’s right for you.

Our definition of “Responsive”:
To us, “Responsive” doesn’t just mean screen size. (Although it certainly includes that!)
“Responsive” means dynamic representation of your content based on your target audience.
The only way to capture your target audiences is to CONNECT with them, and the only way to connect with them is to show them that you UNDERSTAND them. Just like no single store or style of clothing is suitable to everyone, there’s no one size fits all website for your audience.
People are multi-faceted.
If you want to capture your target’s attention, you’ve got to understand what those facets are and adjust to them – on the fly.
That’s what we build our websites to do: observe and adjust to individual visitors on the fly.

Here’s some of the facets that we take into consideration:


Geographic location

Perhaps your users in certain countries are looking for geo-centric content. News about what’s happening or what you’re doing where THEY are.
Language – detecting location, determining which language is most spoken there, and exposing your content in that language.



If you’re site has a little bit for everyone, how do you make sure that each visitor feels like it was tailored to them? By tailoring it to them. We’ll build your site so that it highlight’s content based on their interest, turning first-time visitors into repeat visitors.



We actually think that this is the least important consideration. If people WANT to see what’s on your site because you’ve crafted a dynamically changing site that takes into consideration everything above, then they’ll find a way to view it. We don’t recommend making it difficult for them by any means though! We can set up your site to load beautifully across any device: Desktops, phablets, phones, watches, wearables. Yep!

Please contact us to schedule a consultation for your website responsive design. We’d be happy to work with you to make your site TRULY responsive.