Website security


Your website is a portal to reach millions of users across the world. It’s the first impression you make, your virtual storefront, an extension of your brand and your organization’s identity. It’s a result of considerable time, effort and financial resources. The last thing you want is for it to be discredited.

An Investment worth Protecting

Defend Your Site

The security of your website is critical. It is not something that you can afford to overlook. A poorly-defended website invites hackers and spammers to attack and wreak havoc.

If your website accepts sensitive information then it is most likely the gateway to stored financial data and thus a target for hackers. A security compromise can expose not only your organization’s data, but also your customers, donors, and users.  These are individuals who have entrusted their personal information to you; Xykon can help make sure that their trust is honored.

360-degrees of Protection

Our cutting-edge website security solutions give you total control of your site so that you can keep uninvited guests out. We’ll approach your website with a 360-degree analysis of existing threats and possible vulnerabilities to ensure that you have the most secure and potent defenses in place.

If security for your site was an afterthought, then your website’s architecture is probably not very secure.  We’ll improve your website architecture through an ongoing three-step process:

1) auditing code /  finding potential security breaches,

2) formulating workable solutions, and

3) implementing fixes

Through our support plans which cover ongoing security audits and repairs, you’ll never need to worry about security issues – ever again.


What You Get


Our 3-step solution.

If you trust us with the security of your website, we promise to:

1.Review your website’s code and database setup

2.Identify your website’s security holes, and

3.Implement fixes


We’ll start by examining your website’s server configuration and work our way up.  We’ll check and review everything from code to the database setup.

We will analyze your site, identify and prioritize security vulnerabilities, and determine the most effective methods to counter highly-probable security breaches.

We will provide you with 360-degrees of security for your site. Our fixes are not ‘quick fixes.’ We  will work with you to determine and implement security measures that your organization can adopt to maintain your website’s security.


Fine-tune web server configurations

Supercharge your server with fine-tuned web server configurations that boost performance and enhance security.

Xykon can help you configure your web servers for optimal output and efficient use of resources. We also specialize in DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack mitigation using content deliver networks.


Shield sensitive data and financial transactions

Perhaps the most damaging result of a website attack is the loss of sensitive information. As a responsible business owner, it is up to you to make sure that the integrity of your customers’ , donors’ , and users’ information is safely preserved from malicious attempts.

And as a website owner, you are the custodian of large volumes of possibly sensitive information. At Xykon, we can protect your data and content with state-of-the-art robust technologies and custom solutions that rarely falter.