Risk Assessment and Mitigation


If you’re trying to contain risks once your website comes under attack, then you’re late. If you want to minimize risks and make sure that you have optimal protection then you affect you have to  anticipate and negate threats as early as possible.

Understanding Risk

In today’s information-centric world where everyone’s day-to-day activities are inextricably dependent on the information that is dispersed online, maintaining the integrity of data and systems have never been more critical.  For businesses, government agencies, and organizations, it’s vital.  That’s why Xykon’s network security experts regularly audit our own systems and that’s why we offer that same in-depth risk analysis service to our clients.

Ensuring that our clients operate in a stable, glitch-free environment entails assessing risks and evaluating feasible options to mitigate or eliminate the risks.  With our assistance, our clients are able to learn which vulnerabilities exist in their systems, which are most likely to be exploited, and are provided with quantitative metrics which allow them to make decisions regarding what resources to spend on minimizing possible damage.

Our consultants will help you assess risk and actualize your return on investment.

Don’t Let Risks First Be Highlighted By Accidents

At Xykon, we believe in the maxim “prepare for a rainy day”, because often when you least expect it, you’ll get bombarded.

Security threats can be derived from a multitude of sources. More often than not though, the worst exposure to a threat will originate from within your organization.  We’ve witnessed many situations where employees have innocently exposed their company information to threats – mistakes which could easily have been avoided if preventative policies or tighter security had been implemented after potential risks were assessed.  These risks include:

– Lost or compromised private company and customer information

– Harm to company brand (lost access to website or illegal use of company servers to launch denial of service attacks)

– Lost employee productivity due to inaccessible systems.

Our risk assessment services include a comprehensive analysis of your organization and business processes to evaluate the threats posed by each risk. We determine what vulnerabilities exist, which new ones may arrise, the possible impact of their exploitation, the likelihood of them becoming a serious threat and the tradeoffs associated with each manner of managing them.

We at Xykon, help our clients to to fully comprehend their vulnerabilities and the understand the cost of possible threats so that action can be taken to ensure that these threats don’t become realities.

What You Get


Risk analysis

The first, most critical step in risk containment is to identify what vulnerabilities exist and recognize circumstances where new vulnerabilities might be introduced.  Before our consultants begin to determine the most appropriate measures to counter the potential of damage from potential threats, we first pinpoint the origin of identified risk, the probability of an actual threat, and the potential damage that each threat could cause.  We’ll present you with quantitative metrics that allow us to gauge the likelihood of threats and severity of their impacts.


Evaluation of mitigation options

Once the sources and nature of risk are completely understood, we can implement solutions that counter identified risk. In this process, we’ll evaluate the potency of alternate mitigation options and determine which ones are the most viable. This approach includes, but is not limited to the following:

– A cost-benefit of analysis protection strategies

– Prioritizing system sections and resources

– Assessing which operations are of greatest concern


Workable Solutions

After our consultants have completed a thorough audit and analysis of a system,  we will collaborate with you to come up with workable solutions to strengthen your security.  These solutions may include policy changes, configurations, documentation, monitoring of key indicators, revamped systems, training, and more.


Onsite and remote assessments

Depending on the severity of the risk, we will perform assessment procedures either onsite at your premises or remotely. If remote assessment is possible, it can cut down on time and costs, ensuring a more fully implemented risk management system.