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Xykon is a woman-owned international technical consulting and services firm committed to providing innovative solutions that help our clients meet their business goals.

Xykon, founded by Sumati Mathur  (aka Summer Spring) in 2007, invests in people and solutions that change the world.
Xykon provides strategic and management consulting services that leverage new innovations and established technologies to help you reach your target audiences, save time, and better meet your goals .
Our consultants will help you identify areas of waste and ways to improve your communications so that you spend less time growing your IT infrastucture and more time on mission-critical tasks.

Although a technical firm, we never underestimate the human element; meeting with our clients one-on-one to understand their needs is imperative. To help you succeed, our consultants combine knowledge of your industry, your vision, and your needs to optimize your use of resources. Our solutions are designed to be scalable and easy to integrate in order to minimize future restructuring, so that your systems are positioned to handle the dynamics of internal growth and a changing world.

Xykon’s focus on designing, developing, and implementing quality technology that fits your business strategy means increasing your productivity and strengthening your competitive edge. We find powerful solutions to fit your operational growth and business strategy.


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