It’s Time for NEW


Using old communication and outreach tools? It’s time to upgrade. The latest communication tools can augment brand awareness and identity. They can take your brand to new audiences. Through social media marketing, new and innovative marketing vehicles, and the latest in advertising platforms, you can move your marketing efforts quickly forward.

Enhance online communications and outreach

Positive Image

It’s more important than ever to stay in touch with your target market. This group includes your customers, patrons, peers, stakeholders and ,yes, even your competitors.

Effective communications strongly influence how you are perceived in the industry. The value of a positive reputation is worth vastly more than the effort it takes to create it.

Outreach Strategy

Modern businesses are realizing the importance of a sound outreach strategy. It determines how you interact with your community, influences what kind of impact your organization has on the market, and directs efforts towards market growth and internal development.

Interacting with your target audiences in a meaningly way enforces positive perceptions of your organization. Initiating enriching online experiences will make your target audiences feel like part of your community. Let Xykon help you achieve that.

Engaging Customers

Our communications strategists can help you develop an actionable plan for outreach  based on your objectives and your budget.

With businesses and their customers getting ever more intimate, employing new ways to engage your customers, users, or donors in innovative ways is essential to continued success.

What You Get


Mobile marketing

Mobile devices are the new frontier. With more than a billion users around the world, the  landscape of smartphone and tablet users is growing faster than ever before.

With more and more of your customers accessing the Internet from their handheld devices, mobile marketing presents itself as a promising yet challenging area. With Xykon, you can create and implement effective marketing strategies aimed at mobile platforms.


Online communications and outreach strategy

Whether it’s a marketing campaign to existing users or an outreach program to possible donors, it’s necessary to develop a plan that captures your audiences’ attention.

Xykon can help you develop an effective strategy for online communications and outreach efforts. We’ll ensure that your message is delivered at the right time and through the right channels.


Attract followers

Informing people know about past successes is just as important as achieving those successes. Maybe, in fact, more so.

Xykon can assist in marketing your organization’s past achievements to help you gain new and enthusiastic supporters.


Convert stories of your experience into donations and grants

When it comes to attracting grants and donations, how you present yourself matters.

A smart communications and outreach strategy can help you identify and understand opportunities, including up-to-date information on what’s being done in your area of interest, and who’s sponsoring.

We will help you present the current work and outreach efforts in a captivating way so that donors and sponsors know how much has been donated, the current state of work, and what’s needed to finish projects of interest to them.

We’ll help you showcase your partners so that potential donors know who is already involved in your work and how enthusiastic your existing partners are about supporting your mission.


Social media strategies

The sphere of social media is vast, thriving with activity. If you carefully leverage the awesome power of popular social media platforms, you’ll reach new audiences at a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising and promotional methods. We can help you develop effective strategies and implement plans to get the most out of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.