Our Services

From web design and server architecture to communications and outreach efforts, the hallmark of our service is quality and simplicity.

Google Applications

Google’s cloud computing platform, Google Apps, help businesses improve their collaboration and communication practices.

Managed Hosting

Tired of the blame game? The buck stops here. Xykon will host your websites, manage your servers (by applying updates and patches as needed), and keep your websites in good health.

Websites That Work

The difference between a stellar website and a mediocre one may only be skin deep, but when it comes to visitor response, the difference is nothing short of staggering.

Risk Assessment

If you’re looking to contain risks after the damage has been done, it’s already too late.

Website Security

Your website is a medium to reach millions of users across the world. It’s your first impression, your virtual storefront, an extension of your brand and your identity. It’s a result of considerable time, effort and financial resources.

Responsive Design

Sorry, we couldn”t help it. We are fans of The Lord of the Rings.

Hardware Installs

In order to better serve our clients, Xykon provides hardware services in addition to application support.