Free Web Security Analysis

Have your website analyzed for security risks for FREE!*

Web applications are top targets for would-be hackers who want to steal information or impede site access to legitimate users.  Xykon’s been in the business of managing the servers and web applications of organizations and firms that are heavily targeted by hackers and spammer, so we’re expert in identifying vulnerabilities and reducing risk of exploitation.  For a limited time, we’ve decided to offer free web security analysis so that we can develop a software for automating this discovery and elimination process.

Please contact us if you’d like to take advantage of our security analysis services at no cost to you.


Have an experienced network architect meet with you to:


Investigate your website or web application


Identify Security Risks


Point out current exploitations (if any exist), and


Recommend Solutions


These services usually run in excess of $500 if provided by an architect (just google to website security analysis to see that we’re right!), but right now, we’re providing that service at no charge to new clients.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

**Xykon reserves the right to refuses these services to any party without pretext.