Application Enhancements


When you have so many other tasks to attend to, it makes sense to have designs and solutions that are geared towards efficiency, convenience, and ease-of-use.

Enhancing Your Online Presence

The Edge

Enhance your applications for a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. At Xykon, we will work with you to develop and implement features that give you the edge over your competition and help you to better reach and interact with your target audiences.

Let us help you enhance your applications so that your organization derives the maximum return on investment from them.  Your in-house and off-site staff will be able to get things done faster and more efficiently.

Visitors and users of your site or applications will also benefit. They’ll love the engaging and interactive experiences that our enhancements can provide.

A Fresh Twist

Partner with us.  We’ll work with you to overhaul your website’s image and provide a fresh new twist on the old and mundane. You will be able to welcome your visitors to a responsive website with a clean layout that makes updating it from your phone, tablet, or laptop a breeze.  Traditionally challenging website areas will be easier to use as well. We’ll help you set up web forms, engage users with interactive maps, and integrate multiple web applications so that functions are streamlined and visitors find your website easy-to-use.

It’s time to breathe new life into your site.

What You Get


Responsive web design

An intuitive web layout and engaging features can keep visitors on your site for longer and encourage them to return. No matter what the objective of your site is – whether you’re trying to secure donations, add people to your newsletter’s listserve, or sell a product, the longer a visitor stays on your site, the higher the likelihood will be that you’ll achieve your goal. We can update your site to make it responsive and accessible to people on the go.  Your website will appear cleanly not just on laptops and desktop, but also on smartphones and tablets.


Data updates

You’re not always at your workstation. With our application enhancements you’ll be able to update website content – including maps, image galleries, and news listings – using SMS, email or web forms.  Stay in control of your site whenever and wherever.


Dynamic, interactive maps

There’s not easier way to visualize what’s happening  and where it’s happening, then to use a map. A map adds tremendous value to a visitor within very little time and that’s what keeps visitors returning.

Xykon develops maps using Flash, Javascript, and HTML5.  Our maps are accessible on smaller screens and smartphones also.


Web apps integration

Our web applications will not only add to the functionality of your site,  but also make it more engaging. Adding too many applications, however, can degrade website performance. Xykon can help you integrate your web apps with your website to ensure that your website performs optimally.


Reporting and search capabilities

Reporting is an essential feedback mechanism to help you gauge success factors like website performance and initiate processes for improvement. An integrated search function is also a handy tool for webmasters.

We can implement search and reporting capabilities on your website so that you can pinpoint areas of interest and generate reports based on specific criteria.


Smartphone and mobile apps implementation

No marketing or promotional effort is complete without attending to mobile users.  They are the fasting-growing group on the planet and cannot be ignored.  The number of smartphone users is more than twice that of traditional desktop users.

In order to show your target audiences that you are interested in them and worthy of their interest,  you simply MUST ensure that they can access your online content via their   mobile devices.  For complex web sites, having a responsive website that degrades gracefully for viewing on mobile devices, just doesn’t cut it anymore.  You’re going to need an app, and Xykon’s mobile development experts can help you.

We’ll work with you to conceive and develop cutting-edge apps that reach your mobile-using target audiences.